The swiss sanatorium essay

Conception[ edit ] The first suggestion of sanatoria in the modern sense was likely made by George Bodingtonwho opened a sanatorium in Sutton Coldfield in and later published his essay, On the Treatment and Cure of Pulmonary Consumption [3]in His novel approach was dismissed as "very crude ideas and unsupported assertions" by reviewers in the Lancet [4]and his sanatorium was converted to an asylum soon after.

The swiss sanatorium essay

The swiss sanatorium essay

Firland was located on 34 acres in the Richmond Highlands area, 12 miles north of the then-border of Seattle in this first Firland site became part of the newly incorporated City of Shoreline.

The hospital served there until its move to a former Naval hospital at 15th Avenue NE and th Street inand continued to treat TB patients until its dissolution in A leading founder of Firland Sanatorium was the railroad magnate Horace C.

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Henrywhose son Walter had died of TB. The White Plague Tuberculosis is a highly contagious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It can be inhaled, or swallowed with food or drink. The most common form is pulmonary of the lungs tuberculosis, but the tubercle bacteria can also be present in the kidneys, bones, and intestines, as well as in the lymph nodes scrofula.

Miliary tuberculosis, known colloquially as galloping consumption, occurs when infected pus spills into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body. Tuberculosis meningitis, the most deadly form of the disease, is an infection of the tissue around the spinal column.

People called tuberculosis the White Plague. Inthe U. A member of the League, J. Smith, declared that the city of Seattle was a tuberculosis camp. The League engaged a team of visiting nurses to bring TB sufferers to its attention, and uncovered at least 1, cases.

The sanatoria movement began in Germany inand soon spread to Switzerland. Patients were treated with rest, wholesome food, and fresh air. The first American sanatorium, Dr.

The driving ideas behind the sanatoria movement were that isolating infected patients could check the spread of the disease, and that cure was possible, given early diagnosis and behavioral retraining.

In Seattle, the first attempt to set up a sanatorium on Queen Anne Hill met with neighborhood outrage, expressed by threats and waving broomsticks, at the idea of a resident "pesthouse. Firland was established on land bordered by Fremont Avenue N on the east, Palatine Avenue on the west, th Street on the north and th Street on the south.

Stithwhose mother had died of tuberculosis, was appointed Medical Director, a position he would hold until his death. On May 2,the Henry Sanatorium accepted its first patients. They were housed in open-air cottages. Nursing staff was initially forced to sleep on the floor, since the only non-patient areas of the facility had no beds.

Since no paved road connected Seattle and the hospital compound, supplies were sent via the Interurban trolley. From the trolley station at Richmond Highlands, they were transported by wheelbarrow to the Sanatorium.

Eventually, buses served Firland on the half-hour. Jenner Hall housed patients with non-tubercular infectious diseases. In the Koch and Nightingale buildings were completed and housed ambulant patients. A temporary structure built in to house children with TB or with infected family members was replaced in with a permanent facility, Josef House, named in honor of a deceased patient whose small financial legacy to Firland was used to furnish the facility.

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All buildings featured gentle ramps between levels rather than stairs, in order that ambulant patients not over-exert themselves, and were connected by underground tunnels. Large vegetable gardens and orchards served the facility. A power generating plant and a well rendered the sanatorium self-sufficient, although Firland was eventually served by the municipal water supply.

Robert Stith directed the clinic and had total authority to decide who would be admitted to Firland. Patients with financial means were encouraged to enter private sanatoria, such as Riverton or Laurel Beach. Patients with little or no means were admitted to Firland or, more commonly, placed on a lengthy waiting list.

Firland gave preference to patients with a reasonable chance to be cured, and only individuals who had lived in Seattle for at least one year were eligible. This policy screened out transient "Skid Roaders. Medical expenses for patients admitted to Firland were shared by the Seattle Department of Health and the state of Washington.We catch up with Anna convalescing in a Swiss sanatorium.

But, as likely as not, Anna will be as unsure as anyone else about her true motivations. After all, she too has to engage in a process of. This Essay T.S.

Eliot and other 64,+ term papers, Eliot became stressed out and checked himself into a Swiss sanatorium in Two months later, Eliot checked out of the sanatorium and gave Ezra Pound a manuscript entitled "The Waste Land." This work alone is considered his most famous poem.

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It is a "poetic exploration of soul's 5/5(1). Better Essays words (5 pages) Swiss Government Essay - Switzerland is a decentralized federal republic composed of 20 cantons and six half cantons. Rooney's thematic chapters hit all the main archetypes of Swiss writing – the natural sublime, mitteleuropäisch café-culture, the sanatorium as social metaphor, the country as a bastion of order and neutrality, as well as a global money-laundry and ‘manager of the world's slush funds’/5(10).

We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On kafka FOR YOU For Only $/page. He wrote to her daily when at the sanatorium in Italy even while he was carrying on with an 18 year old Swiss girl who was there also. Felice inspired him and he wrote several pieces during this time; “The Judgment,” which he dedicated to her, then “The.

At the Leysin sanatorium, we have the first connection to the American Clinical and Climatological Association (ACCA).

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The donor who supports one of our annual lectures, Dr. Jeremiah Metzger from Tucson, Arizona, traveled to Switzerland and studied Dr. Rollier's techniques at the sanatorium in .

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