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Penn state schreyer thesis archive

Project black-box model Using the categories determined from the black-box model, multiple design concepts were created for each category. A larger shipping container will provide more room for resources and be able to accommodate more people inside.

Depending on the level of funding available for this project and the price of containers at the time of construction, one of the following options will ultimately be used for the final library design. It is a high trafficked area and thus neatly maintained.

There are ten homes near the front entrance which are currently used for security buildings, staff homes, and storage. Eventually, these homes will be inhabited by residents of the site.

Future plans call for a small market to be built near the entrance which would attract surrounding community members to that area.

Penn state schreyer thesis archive

In addition, the ground is relatively level, which would make situating the shipping container easier. However, because future construction will continue into the northern portion of the site, the majority of the residents would be unable to reach the library on a daily basis. Front entrance Figure Buildings near the front entrance East of Chapel After the front entrance, the chapel and administration building are the second most heavily trafficked area on site.

All visitors and guests will typically be taken to this area which is situated at the highest point on site. By positioning the library east of the chapel, the structure will not obstruct the main view from the chapel which looks northeast towards the rest of the site.

This will also place the library close to an existing clump of trees, which would provide shading - 21 - for the structure. Because MSC desires to ultimately make this location the main contact point for visitors to the site, the library and surrounding sensory garden would help enhance the area.

In addition, the Demonstration Village borders the residential portion of the site near this location.

Penn State is a leader in the area of identity and access management, providing robust authentication and authorization services both within the university and in the federated context. Integration with campus authentication and authorization services is valuable for a number of reasons (that are beyond the scope of this document). Resource Type: Project: Creator: Vaught, Mark A. Keyword: nylon, World War II, The Nylon Riots, uper polymers, synthetic fiber, Julian Hill, Wallace Carothers, and DuPont. Laura, a Philadelphia-area native, graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in English through the Schreyer Honors College. While at Penn State, her interest in the role of free speech on college campuses developed through an English course on public expression that involved topics ranging from banned books to the constitutionality of.

After guests make their way to the chapel, they would then travel to the library and from there directly into the Demonstration Village. East of chapel Figure A clump of trees are situated to the east of the chapel Northeast of Chapel Similar to the location east of the chapel, by placing the library to the northeast of the chapel, the structure would be most accessible to the Demonstration Village.

An observation deck designed to be built near this location would connect directly to the library for easy viewing of the research projects.

This location would be in front of the nearby clump of trees so that shading would not affect the structure. Northeast of chapel Figure A hill borders the area between the Demonstration Village and residential portion - 22 - 2. The process does require a lot of cement, which is expensive.

Additionally, the final slab must be perfectly level to prevent the shipping container from rocking. This is easier if the ground is relatively level before the slab is poured.

By using three pads, the shipping container would always remain stable and be unable to rock.

Soil filters out some emerging contaminants before reaching groundwater

This method would not require as much cement as the slab foundation and can be picked up and moved because it is not completely anchored in the ground.

Jamaican workers are familiar with this process as well, which would allow them to easily construct the foundation on their own. However, if the shipping container is supporting a heavy load, large forces would be distributed into the back support columns, which would create stresses around the back pad.

This might cause structural damage to the shipping container depending on the size of the load. By using pillars, the container is elevated off of the ground, which would prevent moisture from getting to the structure and would allow the container to be built easily on sloped ground. This design uses 18 inch diameter PVC pipes which are sunk 2 feet into the ground.

Rebar is placed down the center - 23 - of the pipe and concrete is then poured in to solidify the pillar.The Schreyer Scholar hopes that her honors thesis, which looked at the dollars and cents of a Penn State degree, may someday be the basis of a financial management session offered to students during their first year at college.

Collaborated in writing an interview-based book detailing Penn State’s and State College’s history that incorporates personal anecdotes from influential community leaders and the author, a . Laura Beltz is a Philadelphia-area native who graduated from Penn State University with a B.A.

in English through the Schreyer Honors College. She is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and is a member of the Pennsylvania State Bar. The Official Athletic Site of Penn State, partner of CBS Sports Digital. The most comprehensive coverage of Penn State Nittany Lions on the web.

Penn state schreyer thesis archive

Student in Penn State's Schreyer Honors College, which requires taking various honors courses, maintaining academic excellence, and the completion of a senior honors thesis. Languages SpanishTitle: Director Of Communications for .

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