Issues connected with groupthinks and group mentality

Because individual critical thinking is de-emphasized or frowned upon, employees may self-censor themselves and not bring up alternatives or risks for fear of upsetting the status quo. History of the Groupthink Concept Yale University social psychologist Irving Janis coined the term groupthink in Janis theorized that groups of intelligent people sometimes make the worst possible decisions based on several factors. Members might all have similar backgrounds that could insulate them from the opinions of outside groups.

Issues connected with groupthinks and group mentality

I have found these principles to serve me well and to always provide me a better perspective on life.


Another principle I try to live by is that you just never know what one is going through…so to always offer those around you the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps the person who just cut you off on the freeway was just diagnosed with cancer and is having a difficult time concentrating or the rude grocery store employee just found out their child has a severe learning disability.

Issues connected with groupthinks and group mentality

You just never know. When it comes to my students I try each and every class to extend the same attitude while concurrently holding up the fairly rigorous standards I have set for the course. As a human being, sometimes I fail in this regard and other times I succeed. I suppose that makes another life principle -to forgive myself when failing- to come in rather handy.

Several years ago I was teaching a summer course and had a student, Ginger, in my class who was quite charming and very talented. If one did not know better, you would assume this charming student lived a charmed life…and you would be wrong.

I have recently reconnected with Ginger through Facebook and she just revealed to me her story. It is so powerful I feel the strong need to share it with her permission and allow it to inspire all those who may endure similar abusive situations in order to know that there is hope.

I wanted you to know the impact you had on my life. So many times people are quick to complain but so many times people do not take those same moments to thank others that have had a positive impact.

Wednesday, 14 June

I want you to know why you had such a great impact and so if you will permit me I would like to share a bit of my story. I was married to a man for 16 years that had me convinced I was nothing and could be nothing and eventually I believed him and was emotionally broken.

After my divorce, still broken, I was in a relationship with a man that physically broke me and went to prison charged with three felonies for what he did to me. I made an agreement to testify and in exchange the kids and I were relocated by the police and moved into our apartment with one bed for all three of us and a small suitcase of clothes.

I was working 5 jobs and existing and surviving but not happy and not thriving. Mostly in part to the negative voices in my head that were still ever present. But I took the leap and decided to enroll in a speech class. After trying unsuccessfully for a year to register for the class due to my enrollment status I took a chance and showed up to your class hoping against hope I could add the class.

The first miracle happened when you drew my name and I was actually enrolled in the first step of my dream. The second came the day the class voted my speech as one of the best. You see that was validation from my peers.

Not just the ones younger than me or my age group or older but over all they all thought I had done well. I was blown away and the seed of confidence and realization I could do this was planted. The day I received the second trophy I was on top of the world.

The seed had taken root and started to grow and I knew at that moment I could do anything.Status quo, get a feeling we belong to the group, group rules occur ® no longer individual, we are a group with common goals 4. Performing ® working in open and trusting atmosphere 5. After the assessment, sort of evaluation, group can fall apart Roles; the typical behavior that characterize a person in a specific social context.

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Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome.

Christopher Booker gets serious about understanding "Groupthink", out of 10 based on 91 ratings. Tweet. comments to Christopher Booker gets serious about understanding “Groupthink” OT not group think but the same mentality.

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Group mentality and self-esteem are two issues that should be included if I were to expand on the paper. Shah gave a cross-cultural interpretation of my paper in her commentary; she added support to the arguments made in my paper from her experience as someone raised partly in India and partly in the United States.

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