Inventory requirements for riordan manufacturing electric fans

The company's research and development is located at the corporate headquarters in San Jose; its production centers are in Georgia, Michigan, and China.

Inventory requirements for riordan manufacturing electric fans

University of Phoenix, pg. A chemistry professor Dr. Riordan founded the company in Riordan obtained venture capital and purchased a fan manufacturing plant in Pontiac, Michigan, the company received its name of Riordan Manufacturing during this. In the company expanded and moved its entire fan manufacturing operations from Michigan to China.

They provide these solutions to customer that are facing challenges and also helps identifying different trends. Riordan customer relationship goal is to facilitate long-term relationships from maintaining innovative designs, responsive customer service, Need essay sample on "Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing"?

The plant focuses on quantity versus quality concerning the production of the fans. Riordan needs to re-evaluate their operations and create a strategic capacity plan to increase the capacity, regulate the capacity, create a strategic plan to improve the supply chain procedure, and determine a more lean production environment.

The creation of a plan guides the company in a way to achieve higher performance metrics with lowering the cost.

Inventory requirements for riordan manufacturing electric fans

Riordan can achieve this goal by reviewing the up-to-date production levels and forecast new production levels and techniques. In order for Riordan to accomplish this they will evaluate and look into the areas of strategic planning, capacity, and lean production environments to increase their position to a stronger level of producing these custom electric fans.

This will increase the profit and lower the loss margin. Through the strategic capacity planning process Riordan will be able to identify what costs are with the production of a specific number of finished fans and can do a comparison on that number to the price per unit versus the current market.

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Because plastic polymer is available worldwide, it can be purchased locally at the place of customer to reduce the margin of increment in cost of inventory. Lean Production Lean production is basically about getting more from less.

For lean production to occur Riordan needs to eliminate waste, use less labor, use less materials, and decrease the amount of space needed to reduce costs. One method that may be beneficial to save the company money is to outsource.

Outsourcing will help Riordan focus on additional business activities and will be able to distribute work globally by taking advantage of regional markets that outsourcing experts could provide.

This will reduce operational costs. Project planning and preparation is the beginning step for starting the basic outline of implementation of the lean production in the China Plant. Following steps are the requirement of gathering and analysis that will define the needs and improvement of existing fan process to create the design for implementation of the project.

Supply Chain The Riordan plant in Hangzhou, China is experiencing insufficient order quantities of their customized electric fans. The estimates made on follow-on orders for these custom fans unfortunately are not forecasted. They are simply based on the customers indicating what there estimated requirements for the year will be.

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These occasional orders make the materials needed increase and are for varying quantities that require a review of Riordan capacity planning. To increase the supply chain process Riordan must review the capacity planning, forecasting processes, and supply chain management to determine the best process of change to enhance the operations, increase profits, and decreased wasted materials.

Conclusion Adequate planning and identification of bottel necks and the proposed solution for optimizing the operations of Riordan Manufacturing Chinese plant will assist with the process of receiving raw materials, handling customized purchases by customers, manufacturing of the electric fans, and shipping the delivery assists.

These play a factor in minimizing the inventory and revenue loss while maximizing the customer satisfaction and profit from Hangzhou plant.

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The proposed solution incorporates the factors of existing system to implement new process for achieving the objective of the firm.the manufacturing of the Riordan electric fans Many organizations strive to be competitive. Riordan Manufacturing is one of those companies located in Hangzhou, China.

This company creates. Nov 11,  · Riordan Manufacturing's China plant is focused on the manufacturer of electric fans and related products. The Hangzhou facility was developed as a joint venture between Riordan and a Chinese partner who was brought on for their experience working in that particular region.

Business: Inventory and Riordan Electric Fans Essay; Business: Inventory and Riordan Electric Fans Essay inventory management, and the manufacturing process of Riordan electric fans, from beginning to end.

a cover letter will explain the aggregate operations planning and TQM for the Riordan electric fans. Material Requirements Planning. The Riordan manufacturing facility located in Hangzhou, China is a decentralized plant that produces electric fans for numerous appliance manufacturers worldwide.

There production requirements are based on sales forecast from the previous year. Riordan Supply Chain Design. degreethatsme. Main.

Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing -

Home. The determination of inventory requirements of the electric fans component parts and finished goods; In Week Six, you propose and implement new process design and supply chain processes for the manufacturing of Riordan's electric fans.

- Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing produces plastic consumer goods and is a thriving company that is facing some technological issues. In order to maintain better manageability, some technological reform and restructure of their processes are needed for .

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