Hudson river

The Hudson Valley is sometimes compared to the Rhine Valley in Germany, because it is so picturesque. There are also many options for scenic cruises on the Hudson River in different cities and on different parts of the river.

Hudson river

See Article History Hudson River school, large group of American landscape painters of several generations who worked between about and The name, applied retrospectively, refers to a similarity of intent rather than to a geographic location, though many of the older members of the group drew inspiration from the picturesque Catskill region north of New York Citythrough which the Hudson River flows.

An outgrowth of the Romantic movementthe Hudson River school was the first native school of painting in the United States; it was strongly nationalistic both in its Hudson river celebration of the natural beauty of the American landscape and in the desire of its artists to become independent of European schools of painting.

The early leaders of the Hudson River school were Thomas DoughtyAsher Durandand Thomas Coleall of whom worked in the open and painted reverential, carefully observed pictures of untouched wilderness in the Hudson River valley and nearby locations in New England. Although these painters and most of the others who followed their example studied in Europe at some point, all had first achieved a measure of success at home and had established the common theme of the remoteness and splendour of the American interior.

Doughty concentrated on serene, lyrical, contemplative scenes of the valley itself. Durand, also lyrical, was more intimate and particularly made use of delicate lighting in woodland scenes.

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Cole, the most romantic of the early group, favoured the stormy and monumental aspects of nature. Frederic Edwin Church is considered a member of the Hudson River school, although the exotically dramatic landscapes he painted frequently had little to do with typical American vistas.

The more individual landscape painter George Inness also began as a Hudson River painter.

Hudson river

Photograph by Katie Chao. The Hudson River school remained the dominant school of American landscape painting throughout most of the 19th century. A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Augustus Healy Fund, Ella C.

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Woodward Memorial Fund, Carll H. Woodward Memorial Fund; purchased with funds given by Daniel M. Kelly and Charles Simon; bequest of Mrs. Brewster, gift of Mrs. Woodward Phelps in memory of her mother and father, Ella M. Southwick, gift of Seymour Barnard, bequest of Laura L.

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The Hudson River is a mile ( km) river that flows from north to south primarily through eastern New York in the United States.

Hudson river

The river originates in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, flows southward through the Hudson Valley, and eventually drains into the Atlantic Ocean at New York Harbor, between New York City and Jersey river serves as a political boundary.

Feb 19,  · A monitoring program was initiated in to monitor the Hudson River's basic state variables of salinity, temperature and density along transects from New York Harbor to Troy. Its mission is to study and to promote the Hudson River Valley and to provide educational resources for heritage tourists, scholars, elementary school educators, environmental organizations, the business community, and the general public.

The Hudson River: From Tear of the Clouds to Manhattan [Jake Rajs, Joan K. Davidson, Arthur G. Adams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Celebrated as the American Rhine, the majestic Hudson River flows more than three hundred miles from its source high in the Adirondack Mountains to New York Harbor.

Lining its banks are the marks of the four hundred years of history that Reviews: 6. Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines. Beyond the Hudson River National/Other • Atlantic • Pacific • Central • Gulf. Many great projects and initiatives for ecologically enhanced shorelines and living shorelines are happening beyond the Hudson, in other regions of New York State and across the U.S.

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