How to write a reference letter for child custody

Character reference letters are usually referred to as personal reference or personal recommendation letters.

How to write a reference letter for child custody

how to write a reference letter for child custody

Giacomo Antonellithe Pope's head of government as Cardinal Secretary of State With no way of knowing where the boy had been taken—Momolo found out only in early July—the Mortaras, supported by the Jewish communities in Bologna, Rome and elsewhere in Italy, initially focused on drafting appeals and trying to rally support from Jews abroad.

After their present servant Anna Facchini adamantly denied any involvement, they considered former employees and soon earmarked Morisi as a possible candidate.

Marianna's brother Angelo Padovani tested Scagliarini by saying falsely that he had heard it was Morisi who had baptised Edgardo. The ruse worked—Scagliarini said that she had been told the same thing by Morisi's sister Monica. Padovani recalled finding her in tears.

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She said that a grocer named Cesare Lepori had suggested the baptism when she mentioned Edgardo's sickness, and shown her how to perform it. She had not mentioned it to anyone, she went on, until soon after Edgardo's brother Aristide died at the age of one in —when a neighbour's servant called Regina proposed that Morisi should have baptised Aristide, that she had done so to Edgardo "slipped out of my mouth".

The wildly divergent accounts of what happened during these encounters grew into two rival narratives of the entire case. Momolo's version of events, favoured by the Jewish community and other backers, was that a family had been destroyed by the government's religious fanaticism, that helpless Edgardo had spent the journey to Rome crying for his parents, and that the boy wanted nothing more than to return home.

From July onwards it was reported across Europe that as a result of her grief, Edgardo's mother had practically if not actually gone insane, and might even die. Momolo and the secretary of Rome's Jewish community, Sabatino Scazzocchio, told Edgardo that his mother's life was at risk if he did not come back soon.

If the Holy Father had seen this woman as I saw her, he would not have the courage to keep her son another moment. All had Edgardo quickly and fervently embracing Christianity and trying to learn as much as possible about it. These included Scazzocchio, who had attended some of the disputed meetings at the Catechumens.

He also resolved to confront Cesare Lepori, the grocer who Morisi said had both suggested the baptism and shown her how to perform it. A cover letter attached to Maggi's statement described it as proof that Morisi's story was false.

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The Mortaras tracked them to a church in Alatri, where from the door Momolo saw a priest saying mass—and Edgardo by his side assisting him. Before this meeting could take place, the Mortaras were arrested on the orders of the Mayor of Alatri, himself following a request from the town's bishopand despatched back to Rome.

Antonelli was not impressed, thinking this an undignified line of action that would give obvious ammunition to the Church's detractors, and ordered Sarra to bring Edgardo back to the capital to meet his parents.

According to Edgardo's parents, the boy was obviously intimidated by the clergymen around him and threw himself into his mother's arms when he first saw her. I told him that he was born a Jew like us and like us he must always remain one, and he replied: The clerics and nuns then knelt and prayed for the conversion of the Mortara household, prompting Edgardo's parents to leave in terror.

Having made no progress in Rome, Momolo and Marianna Mortara returned to Bologna in early December[55] and soon afterwards moved to Turinin Piedmont. He adopted the position, based on Postremo mense, that to return the baptised child to his non-Christian family would be incompatible with Church doctrine.

The meeting on 2 February quickly descended into a heated argument, with Pope Pius berating the Jewish visitors for "stirring up a storm all over Europe about this Mortara case".

I couldn't care less what the world thinks!

how to write a reference letter for child custody

According to Edgardo's memoirs, the pontiff regularly spent time with him and played with him; the Pope would amuse the child by hiding him under his cloak and calling out: They cried for his parents, but they failed to recognise that I, too, am his father.Just like a reference letter for a job, a character reference for child custody speaks on behalf of a parent – explaining why he or she should have custody of his/her child.

These letters give a judge a more personal, in-depth look at how involved the parent has been, as well as how the parent has positively impacted the child. Character Reference Letter for Custody. To Whom It May Concern: I am writing in reference to the custody case between {Name} and {Name}.

May 21,  · How to Write a Letter for Child Custody. In this Article: Writing a Letter of Declaration Writing a Character Reference Letter Community Q&A If you are filing for child custody, the judge may ask you to write a letter of declaration that explains your side of the story – for example, if the other parent contests your custody, or if a representative for your child such as a guardian ad litem 61%(36). A parent might ask a neighbor, school teacher, caretaker, relative or other individual who has seen the child and parent interact to write a character reference letter to . In family courts throughout the country, evidence that one of the parents is sexually or physically abusing a child is routinely initiativeblog.comd, perpetrators of abuse are often entrusted with unsupervised visits or joint or sole custody of the children they abuse, putting children in danger of serious, often life-threatening harm, according to children’s advocates.

I believe that {Name} should receive custody of the {child/children} involved in this case, and I hope I will be able to adequately explain why.

Outrageous family law decisions: a call for reform of the family courts and family laws. The problems caused by therapeutic jurisprudence, custody evaluators, custody evaluations, guardians ad litem, fatherhood exaltation and fathers' rights, joint custody.

Child Custody Reference Letter

A reference letter to attain child custody is informal, but to the point. Here's how to write such a letter so that you may be able to help someone hoping to obtain his/her child's custody.

How to Write a Character Reference Letter for Child Custody If you are the writer of such a letter, you have to follow certain guidelines while writing the same. . QUESTION: I hired two editors to help revise this query.

So far, I've only received personal or form rejections from agents. I've read many blogs and books about how to write queries, often with conflicting information about what to include.

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