Function of physical distribution management and

It acts as a decision support system to assist the control room and field operating personnel with the monitoring and control of the electric distribution system. Improving the reliability and quality of service in terms of reducing outagesminimizing outage time, maintaining acceptable frequency and voltage levels are the key deliverables of a DMS. By combining the locations of outage calls from customers with knowledge of the locations of the protection devices such as circuit breakers on the network, a rule engine is used to predict the locations of outages. Based on this, restoration activities are charted out and the crew is dispatched for the same.

Function of physical distribution management and

It accounts for almost half to the marketing budget of the firm. Importance of physical distribution for a firm depends on the type of product and level of customer satisfaction desired.

The key functions which are a part of the physical distribution process are: The main function of Customer Service personnel is to set a standard for customer satisfaction that must be ensured while delivering a product to the consumers and then ensuring that this standard is maintained.

Order processing is a very crucial function to the firm as it deals with taking orders from the customers efficiently and its efficiency is directly concerned with customer satisfaction.

Function of physical distribution management and

If order processing is done efficiently, other costs in the supply chain like transportation and logistics costs, inventory carrying costs, etc. Inventory Control plays a major role in the distribution function of a firm. Costs include inventory carrying costs, depreciation and fall in the demand for products, etc.

Different types of inventory control systems are first in first out FIFOflow through systems, etc. This function deals with the procurement of the raw materials from the suppliers and final delivery of the finished products to the end consumers. The mode of transport used may depend on the type of product whether is it fragile or not and also on the urgency of the order for the consumer.

Packaging function is concerned with the type of packaging used for the product depending on the type of product and degree of protection required for thee product. Hence, this concludes the definition of Physical Distribution along with its overview.

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Advertisements Browse the definition and meaning of more terms similar to Physical Distribution. The Management Dictionary covers over business concepts from 6 categories.Function of physical distribution management and distribution channels 1) Definition of physical distribution management – Used in manufacturing and commerce to describe the broad range of activities concerned w/ the efficient movement of finished products from end of production line to consumer.

This quiz and corresponding worksheet will gauge your knowledge of the function of physical distribution in marketing. Topics addressed include the key components and the key functions of physical.

Video: Physical Distribution in Marketing: Definition, Functions & Importance In this lesson, we'll be looking at physical distribution and the movement of finished goods from production to consumer.

We will explore the functions of . A Feeder Load Management monitors the vital signs of the distribution system and identifies areas of concern so that the distribution operator is forewarned and can efficiently focus attention where it is . Physical Distribution Management Part of logistics management, physical distribution is concerned with the transporting of merchandise, raw materials, or by-products, such as hazardous waste, from the source to the customer.

A Distribution Management System (DMS) is a collection of applications designed to monitor & control the entire distribution network efficiently and reliably. It acts as a decision support system to assist the control room and field operating personnel with the monitoring and control of the electric distribution system.

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