Dusit thani rules

Modern Thai-inspired guest rooms and pool facilities await guests at this luxurious hotel. Guests can sample Italian dishes at the award-wining La Trattoria restaurant boasting its own outdoor pizza oven and relaxing lounge. Luxurious rooms and suites at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket are decorated in classic wood furnishings and Thai fabrics in vibrant colors.

Dusit thani rules

In a village, for example, there is often no referee. The winning player is usually the one who puts on the best show. The intricacy and speed of the methods used to send the ball aloft are sensational. The basics involve the sole kick using the arch or sole of the foot Dusit thani rules, the instep kick, knee kick, shin kick, shoulder kick, or head kick.

The more advanced maneuvers are cross-legged jump kick, crossing your left leg over your right and leaping up to kick the ball with the instep of the left foot.

Dusit thani rules

Another version is the cross-legged knee kick, for which the player crosses his left leg over his Dusit thani rules above the right knee, and then leaps into the air kicking the ball with his right knee.

Acrobatic Kicks A spike is much more difficult in sepak takraw than volleyball, because slamming the ball down hard means getting your feet above the net.

The movement required is a bit like a bicycle kick in football, jumping and flipping in the air to kick the ball. After a bicycle kick a footballer usually lands on their back, but professional sepak takraw players are athletic enough to execute a spike and land on their feet.

A good spike or spiker is often referred to as the 'killer'. The most breathtaking and difficult of these feats are known as the roll spike, where the player leaps into the air to kick the ball over the opposite shoulder, and the 'sunback' or stingray spike, a similar scissors kick but over the same shoulder.

Perhaps the most brutal kick of all is the horse-kick serve, made famous by Thailand's Suebsak Phunsueb, who is widely regarded as the best player in the world.

Suebsak has been confounding opponents for a decade by serving the ball to opponents at a blistering pace using the sole of his shoe.

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Game Variations Net Takraw Net takraw is played in a badminton-sized court. Lots are drawn beforehand to determine placement of the players and the first serve. In-tossing Takraw With fewer rules to abide by, the point is simply to see how many times the ball can be hit aloft by the player.

It is a means of training for a player. Some can hit the ball from positions which call for stooping or lying down. A good player should be able to keep the ball aloft for ten minutes and, if he is joined by others, the group should manage to keep it in play for close to an hour.

Naturally, this is a skill which only the most adept players can manage: Hoop Takraw Considered the most difficult version of the game is 'lawd huang', as it is known locally. Similar to circle takraw, but the goal is to put the ball into a basket-shaped net with three hoop openings in a triangular formation suspended some five to six metres above ground.

Standing at the perimeter of a circle, each team is given an allotted time, usually 20 or 30 minutes, to put the ball in the basket as many times and as gracefully as they can. Points are awarded for difficulty and creativity, so players break out their full repertoires of such expert manoeuvres as cross-legged jump kicks and other artistic kicks behind the back or with the sole of the foot, as well as strikes with the elbows, shoulders and forehead.The number of Pattaya family hotels and resorts is increasing.

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The city is slowly evolving and shirking its image as an exclusively ‘adult-only’ destination, instead welcoming couples with small children.

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world - Twenty years ago it was considered 'daring' to travel to Thailand.

Pattaya maps offer you to discover the location of the main attraction of this well known travel destination of Thailand. You may find on our pages all what you need to organise your holiday: accommodation (hotels and resorts for any budget), main leisure attractions and entertainement spots, and useful places such as Police stations and hospitals.

The best beach resorts in Phuket are the promise of an unforgettable seaside holiday. With so many excellent beaches and resorts in Phuket, it was never going to be an easy task to enumerate the best amongst them and the debate over the order has been furious.

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