Comparison essay lord of flies

Without the rules and order of society and civilization, the boys return to their state of nature — however, Ballantyne and Golding have differing views on what that is. In the end though, Ballantyne and Golding both explore the problem of evil and how their characters struggle with it.

Comparison essay lord of flies

Joop There are always people who, in a group, come out with better qualities as a leader than others. The strongest people however, become the greater influences, which the others decide to follow.

However, sometimes the strongest person is not the best choice.

Comparison essay on lord of the flies

Authors often show how humans select this stronger person, in order to give an understanding of the different powers that some people can posses over others. In William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies Ralph though not the stronger person, demonstrates a better understanding of people which gives Ralph better leadership qualities than Jack.

Ralph displays useful human qualities as a leader by working towards the betterment of the boys' society. He knows that in order to stay civilized the boys need stability and order. He creates rules and a simple form of government to achieve this order.

Ralph understands that the boys, particularly Piggy, have to be given respect and must be treated as equals. This makes Ralph a better leader, as he is able to acknowledge that he was not superior to any of the other boys.

Ralph's wisdom and ability to look to the future also make him a superior leader. Ralph has the sense to keep his focus on getting off the island. He insists on keeping the fire burning as a distress signal. Ralph's leadership provides peace and order to the island while Jack's leadership creates chaos.

Under Jack's rule, the boys become uncivilized savages.

Comparison essay lord of flies

They have no discipline. Ralph, however, keeps the boys under order through the meetings, which he himself calls. At these meetings a sense of order is instilled because the boys have to wait until they hold the conch to speak.

When Ralph says, "I'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he's speaking. He wins the boys respect and confidence in his leadership abilities. Ralph uses his authority to try to improve the boys' society.

By building shelters he demonstrates his knowledge of the boys' needs. When he says to Jack, "They talk and scream.Lord Of Flies Essay Democracy Dictatorship Outline "The Lord of the Flies", by William Golding, tells about a group of kids that are stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere.

As they try to build a civilization on their new uninhabited island, things slowly start to deteriorate. Lord of the flies conch symbolism essay introduction. November 24, 0 Comment. paper entrenar pectorales superioressay basil bunting briggflatts analysis essay when i have fears and mezzo cammin comparison essay terrorism essay in english words paragraphs typed essay blofg john proctor essay crucible.

A summary of Chapter 8 in William Golding's Lord of the Flies. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Lord of the Flies and what it means.

Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Compartive essay heart of darkness and lord of the flies It can be said that a certain degree of darkness lies within every person, but this darkness will not surface unless given the correct environment.

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