Boy overboard writing activities

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Boy overboard writing activities

Explore the who, what, when, where of the story in detail. Students are to write a list with page references in their books. Write captions showing their progress along the way. Share work and discuss key parts from their journey to Australia.

List five major events in the story and tell what caused each to happen. What are the main themes running through the book Boy Overboard? Students find quotes from the novel to support this — Conflict, Survival, Bonds of Family, Different worlds and cultures, Power and Powerlessness List 3 problems Jamal faced on his journey to Australia.

Describe how they dealt with each problem. Would you have dealt with it any differently? Was it similar or stark in contrast?

Compare experiences with living in Australia. List all the emotions they felt throughout the novel. Find examples and quotes from the novel to support this where possible. Imagine Jamal is saying this to Andrew.

Write a poem any about this situation. Consider the treatment of Jamal, Bibi, Rashida and Omar in light of this written response. Make a concept map of character traits of one of the main characters. Use words from the book as well as your own. Write an email to Morris Gleitzman or the Australian authorities, asking at least 5 questions which will help you understand better the issues explored in Boy Overboard.

Think of five interview questions with answers for one of the characters.

boy overboard writing activities

The questions should explore the feelings and actions of the character in the story. List 3 problems the children faced on their journey to Australia.

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