Benefits of sport for physically disabled

Featured sport The health benefits of sport and physical activity Although research interest on physical activity and health dates back to the s, the breakthrough in the scientific evidence on health benefits of physical activity largely took place during the s and s. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence on the positive effects of sport and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of sport for physically disabled

Benefits of sport for physically disabled

Disabled people, just like the rest of us, need the thrill and enjoyment that outdoor sport can provide. With awareness, technological advances as well as the help of willing volunteers, more activities are becoming available.

If you know of anywhere that provides outdoor sporting activities for the disabled or adaptive sports equipment, please email us and we will include a link to their website. Listings for Outdoor Sport for Disabled People Riding for the Disabled Horse riding is a wonderful experience and benefits the rider both physically and mentally.

Therapeutic benefits include improved balance, posture, co-ordination as well as more supple and relaxed muscles. This in turn reduces muscle spasms. Regaining mobility, with the challenge of learning something new along with a slight risk element provides a real sense of achievement.

Independence and confidence grow along with the pure enjoyment of riding. For those who want to go further there are competitions and if riding is not an option there is always carriage driving.

Fishing Fishing is very popular within the disabled community and it is easy to see why. It provides a great opportunity to enjoy being outside in a healthy environment. In the UK alone there are over 54,00 disabled people holding a fishing licence and over of those fish competitively.

In recent years many fisheries have improved access with better platform designs, pathways and car parking. There is more than just coarse fishing though and game fishing, sports fishing and sea fishing are now available to the disabled angling. Cycling The benefits of cycling are the same for a disabled person as they are for an able bodied.

Its fun - it promotes physical and mental well being and for the disabled person there is the addition of independent mobility. First time riders describe it as - exhilarating, empowering, challenging.

There are many adaptive cycles available: Side by Sides - allowing people with mobility difficulties to cycle with support from another cyclist. Trikes - many types are available allows people with mobility difficulties to cycle without having to balance. Tandems - the well known tandem allows partially sighted and blind users to cycle with a sighted partner Other Sports Cycling, riding and fishing may well be the commonest sports that disabled people participate in, but there are plenty of others to be considered.

Waterskiiing is becoming very popular as is skiing on snow. Shooting and archery have always been available but there are many new sports opening up to the disabled person as new adaptive equipment is becoming available.

There are quite a number of golf clubs which now have specially adaptive golf carts. For the paddler, like the cyclist, there is a range of adaptive equipment to suit various disabilities.

Other sporting activities include scuba diving, sailing and flying.Recent analysis of a large-scale nature challenge demonstrates how important feeling part of the natural world is to our physical and mental health.

Vacation, recreation, camps and retreats for wounded warriors and their families. Includes opportunities for disabled veterans and their families. Albert D Hally Trust Fund. The Albert Daniel Hally Trust is established according to the wishes of the late Mr Hally, to support charitable institutions or those having as their charitable object(s) the benefit of .

Benefits of Participation in Sport to the Youth DOI: / 31 | Page. Engaging disabled people in sport and physical activity A guide for County Sports Partnerships to support their engagement with disabled people. Contents 3 Purpose of the resource 5 The need 5 Our commitment to positive engagement of disabled people 7 Definition of disability 7.

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Benefits of sport for physically disabled

Glenn Merry To Join Disabled Sports USA As Executive Director August 8, Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA), a member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), is one of the nation’s largest multi-sport, multi-disability organizations.

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