Assignement 3 teamwork and motivation

Media and Public Relations: New Teams The on-boarding of new teams undergoes the processes of forming, storming, norming and performing. The key challenges that new teams face would include role conflicts, unclear team goals, lack of communication and lack of team structure and definition. Our programs take direct aim at the challenges by helping the participants practice the art of trust, support, clear communication, goal achievement and getting to know each other better.

Assignement 3 teamwork and motivation

Andrea Carney Running Head: Key issues covered in the paper are a A plan that encourages motivation in an organization, b Methods that can motivate all employees in an organization, c Ways to motivate minimum wage employees, and d How each individual employee makes an organization and operates in the organization.

Why organizations strive for growth?

Motivation Plan Organizations often use teamwork to get a task completed and without teamwork and motivation the task at hand will never get completed. This goes for any company or group project, as the owner of a small manufacturing company it would be my job to promote high job satisfaction, low turnover, high productivity, and high-quality work.

In this paper I will be showing a plan of action to make sure this is completed and how it can be done. High Job Satisfaction - Job satisfaction is critical to high productivity, motivation and low employee turnover. To achieve high job satisfaction my company will provide a positive working environment, use rewards and recognition, develop the skills for my workforce, and evaluate job satisfaction.

To see if my employees are satisfied or why they maybe not satisfied with their current job, I will be preforming a company survey asking for employees input.

Characteristics of organizational size

A survey will show me where employees are unhappy and what I should do as owner to make sure my employees are more satisfied with the company. Too many times employees feel slighted by higher management and feel like higher management does not care about them.

I will make sure my employees know I am there for them; make visits to the manufacturing plant to see how the employees are doing. I will also offering ongoing training for all employees, have job sharing where each employee will have the opportunity to understand what someone else at the company doesmake sure employees feel safe at work, and offer job recognition.

Low Turnover — Employee turnover can be costly for a company and it is important to maintain current employees. To make sure my company has a low turnover rate I will do the following — make sure I hire the right people for the job, effective communication Assignement 3 teamwork and motivation morale, make sure employees are able to advance in their careers, have a great work environment, and always have culture and respect in the place of employment.

To ensure my company has high productivity I will make sure that my employees have a high quality of work life. Companies who have poor working conditions have low productivity, companies such as Zappoes who are known for having a high quality work life often gets high productivity from employees.

I will also have an on house day care. A lot of employees have a hard time focusing on their work because they are too consumed with their home life. Employees will always have the opportunity to go and check in on their children.

Assignement 3 teamwork and motivation

By having onsite daycare it will also help with turnover rates, mothers or fathers will not have to worry about hiring someone to watch their children and where they will find the money to pay for it.

To get high quality of work employers must give employees opportunities for their personal growth, achievement, responsibility, recognition, and reward. Another way to ensure high productivity is to have incentives. Incentives do not have to be monetary, they can range from earning an extra vacation day, getting a new chair or desk, receiving a bouquet of flowers, stock the break room with the employees favorite snacks, offering a fun class like cooking, and even just a public thank you makes employees feel welcomed and that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

When employees knows someone is watching them and appreacates their hard work, they are willing to work harder and do the job right, and when employees work hard the company receives high productivity.

Motivate All Employees "The only way to get people to like working hard is to motivate them. Today, people must understand why they're working hard. Every individual in an organization is motivated by something different" Rick Pitino. Two methods that I will use to motivate my employees are by listening and communicating with my employees, and by offering incentives.

When you listen and communicate with employees, they feel like someone actually cares. Employees that know they have someone to talk to will make them feel more comfortable to go to management and tell them if they are having any issues.

By listening to employees they know they have nothing to fear, that management is actually there for them and not there to work against them. Another my employees will know that I or my management staff is there to listen to anything they may have going on in their personal lives as well.

A lot of times employees maybe going through difficult times and if they are able to share what is going on, get things off their chest they are able to then concentrate on their work.

Also by taking the time to converse with employees can make them feel more comfortable in their jobs, more settled and better-motivated to work hard. Communicating can also help reinforce good behavior, when employees feel like someone cares they end up not wanting to disappoint and are always looking for positive feedback.

Incentives I will offer to employees is employee recognition and company gatherings. Employee recognition I will offer will range from personal thank you, to offering gift cards to top employees each quarter, once a year employees will have the opportunity to win extra paid vacation days.

To engage the company as a whole I will have season pass tickets for the local baseball team, and at the end of the baseball season rent out the party deck so all employees can come together and have a night of fun.

Out of the two methods I have presented to motivate employees I think listening and communicating with employees is most important. When, people are cared for they want to succeed and do the best job they can do.

Motivate Minimum Wage Employees There are two main types of motivational theories content theories and process theories. My company is currently dealing with increased cost do to defects in the products, so there is not extra money to offer employees bonuses, but there is others ways to motivate employees.

Three ways I will motivate minimum wage employees is by offering training and development, having a mini CEO program, and having fun days. When people are offered ongoing training they feel as though they will not be in the same job they dislike forever. Training gives employees the feeling that they are able to constantly developing in the workplace, learning new skills and gaining experience which will stand them in good stead in the future.3 Assignment Brief Customer service is of vital importance to all organisations in the travel and tourism sector.

Excellent customer service results in a high level of satisfaction and Teamwork: eg.

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motivation, team roles, delegation of tasks, lines of authority; benefits of teamwork. Nov 16,  · MGCR Organizational Behaviour Concepts in "The Wolf of Wall Street" good teamwork and bad teamwork - Duration: Motivation, Maslow.

Assignment 3: Teamwork and Motivation; Due Week 7 and worth points. Imagine that you are the owner of a small manufacturing company. Your company . ABS Week 3 Employee Motivation Essay. Employee Motivation Deanna Schneider ABS Leadership & Ethics in a Changing World Instructor: Cardra Burns May 5, Motivation, by its very definition, insinuates that there .

ABS Week 3 Employee Motivation Essay. Employee Motivation Deanna Schneider ABS Leadership & Ethics in a Changing World Instructor: Cardra Burns May 5, Motivation, by its very definition, insinuates that there is a goal to be reached and thus a need to be met. Assignment 3: Teamwork and Motivation Due Week 7 and worth points Imagine that you are the owner of a small manufacturing company.

Your company manufactures a commodity, widgets. Your widget is a clone of a nationally known widget.

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